Educational Advocacy

IEP and 504 Advocacy for Georgia Students

Would you like support and advice? Please book a 15-minute consultation where we can explore your concerns and I can explain how my advocacy services are delivered.

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15-Minute Free Telephone Consult

Expert Guidance

Schedule a time to speak with me so I can understand your most pressing needs and concerns.  I will let you know how I will be able to assist you navigate your current situation.  We can discuss various options that that can meet the unique needs of your child and family.  I will explain to you my services and your next steps to getting you closer to your goals.  Book your free consultation now to be one step closer to to achieving your educational advocacy goals.    

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Records Review & Personalized Advice

Clarity & Direction

This specific service provides a complete analysis of your child's educational records so that I can analyze and solve your educational concerns. Because I provide customized solutions to all of my families, I must know the details of what the school has been providing, what your private team of professionals has been recommending, and what your goals for your child consist of. I will analyze the records and schedule a consultation to discuss my analysis and solutions/suggestions with you. The length of time you will need to consult with me will vary based off your goals and your individual needs.  Contact me and schedule your free consultation so we can determine what package will meet your needs.

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Meeting Attendance

Professional Support

So many families feel that either they don't understand the process or language of special education meetings, they don't know what to ask for, or their needs aren't being met.  Many families also call me when they are in a crisis situation at school.  I am able to attend all school based IEP, 504 and behavior manifestation meetings and will provide you expert advice and guidance.  I will assist you prior to the meeting to help craft your parental concerns, write letters and e-mails to the schools, and provide you with a system to organize your records.  I give ongoing coaching and education to my clients to help you avoid future pitfalls and inform you of best practices.   As your child's advocate, their best interest is my first and foremost priority.  Contact me today to schedule your free 15 minute phone consultation.

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Would you like additional written information about the advocacy services that Debbie Dobbs Advocacy, LLC can provide to your family?  Please click this link and we will send you an email with written information that you can review. 

Do you need help making important decisions about your child's education? Contact me today and let's get things headed in the right direction.