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Free Resource Guide & Important Parent Information

Navigating the Maze + Links to Important Resources on the Internet

Over the years, I have heard from many families who have told me that they wish they knew about about various resources.  I have spent years compiling a list of funding and grant opportunities so you don't have to search for them on your own.  I am also providing you with some of the most important special education related websites.  Knowledge is power!

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"Navigating the Maze: - A Free Funding & Resource Guide

I have compiled this extremely valuable free guide to assist families with gaining access to information and resources.  It has over 35 pages of various funding and grant opportunities, and I hope that you find the information helpful.  When you click on the link below it will ask for your name and e-mail address. You will then be emailed a copy of the document. For your friends who are interested, please have them register here to be emailed their own copy.  I periodically send everyone updated documents with new resources.  Happy money hunting!

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Education & Advocacy Links

Every parent should be familiar with the federal and state laws that impact their child's right to a free appropriate public education. Although it's not exactly leisure reading, it's one of the most important things that a parent can do, because it's empowering to understand why and how educational decisions are made. Click here to view and bookmark a list of vital resources at the national and state level. Knowledge is power!

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Webinar Link Will Provide You With The Handouts & Includes A Sample Application

Sample 508 Form for Renewals

508 Form For Renewals

Knowledge is Power!

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